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Legacy Donations

legacyWe are the South Wests local heart Charity and contributions made possible by people like you supporting us have helped towards dramatically reducing the numbers of people under 65 dying prematurely from coronary heart disease by 44% in the last ten years.

Every gift left to the HeartsWell Charity by our generation, will make a vital difference to the next.

Are you willing to mend someones heart ?

Did you now that 40% of people leave a legacy to a charity in their will ?

Leaving a gift to HeartSWell South West can make a difference to others .

If you think you can help with a legacy, thank you .


The gift of legacies enabled HeartSWell South West to build HeartSWell Lodge purpose built modern accommodation for relatives ,carers of patients undergoing treatment atDerriford Hospital .

Also for patients receiving treatment at Derriford and DDRC .


Other legacies have enabled HeartSWell South West to purchase much needed equipment for the South West Cardio Thoracic Department not covered by the NHS budget .


Legacies help others to live .

Why making a will is important to you

Ensuring your wishes count

Having a will is your one sure way of knowing that your final wishes will be carried out .

It ensures that those closest to you are provided for – and should you wish – support causes

you cared about in your lifetime . also making a will is easier cheaper than you may think .

Who Looks after your estate ?

You can choose the people who are responsible for passing on your estate .

These people (executors) can be appointed by naming them in your Will .

Most commonly these are relatives , friends , solicitors or accountants .

What happens if you should die without a will?

  • The law decides how your possessions should be divided.
  • Close relatives may even have a claim on the family home.
  • Partners or children won’t automatically receive your estate.
  • Family friends and causes you care about may end up with nothing.
  • If you have no relatives and no will the State will take everything.

A simple guide to making a will.

  • Making a will is too important to leave to chance , but sadly many people think it is too expensive, or simply forget it.
  • But it is simpler and cheaper than it may seem.

Who can help?

  • The following people are able to assist you in making your Will: Solicitors – Age Concern – Citizens Advice Bureaux – there are Will forms available at stationers.
  • Wills can be made online. link:


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