FIFA World Cup and why every sports club in the South West should have a Defibrillator?

Since it is the FIFA World cup and the nation is gripped with football fever we feel there is no better time to highlight why defibrillators are so important, particularly when it comes to football and other athletic activities.


There have been several deaths of footballers as a result of sudden cardiac arrests that have happened on the field. Some players affected have been as young as 13 years old, a stark reminder to us all that sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone; young or older, healthy and fit athletes at the peak of their game. Cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death amongst athletes.

Robert Mastrodomenico from Global Sports Statistics calculated that 64 footballers passed away…[and that] Cardiac arrest is of the main causes of death for footballers.

Cardiac arrest often occurs as a result of genetically inherited heart rhythm disorders however many people are completely unaware that they have a disorder until they suffer a cardiac arrest.

In 2012, Fabrice Muamba 23-year-old professional footballer collapsed during the game in London. His life was saved because doctors started to perform CPR straight away and there were several defibrillators available at the pitch. It shows again, that having AED can be lifesaving.

Exercising is one of our most powerful tools for improving health. It makes positive changes to most cardiovascular risk factors such us blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and weight. However, in a small number of individuals it might lead to sudden cardiac arrest and sometimes to death.

To reduce the risk of death as a result of sudden cardiac arrest, HeartSWell are encouraging sports clubs across the South West to purchase a defibrillator.

HeartSWell has a programme to support communities purchase a defibrillator at a subsidised price. For as little as £500 you could purchase this life saving equipment and help your club to become heart safe.

To find out more or to request your defibrillator today follow this link.