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Hub & Cluster

box-2This is the name given to a system we use for Community Fundraising, i.e. local area Volunteers who monitor, issue and collect HeartSWell collection boxes in shops and business within their vicinity. Volunteers can enjoy socialising and integrating with shops, businesses, friends and any local organisation, helping to raise funds for our ‘Local Heart Charity’.

A Hub is a volunteer who enlists other volunteers within their area (ie Clusters) who can help make events and fundraising fun and successful for the wider community.

We, at HeartSWell, will support your activity, whether it is the supply of our standard collection boxes, risk management advice, posters, event liability insurance, attendance at any local event by an Executive Trustee Member, Guest Speaker and, in fact, all the support you would expect from your own Local Heart Charity.

The first contact, as always, is via the Contact Form or telephone number on this website. We have dedicated Executive Member who administers Hub and Cluster and would look forward to meeting you.

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