Plympton St Maurice Primary Raise £500 Towards a New Defibrillator

David Wells and Headteacher of St Maurice Primary School

Defibrillator at Plympton St Maurice Primary SchoolOn Friday our trustee David Wells and Koletta Jurskyte our marketing and operations assistant attended a cheque presentation at the Plympton St Maurice Primary School.

Thank you so much to Plympton St Maurice Primary School for kindly raising £500. The money raised will be used towards purchasing of a defibrillator. Donations help us to provide the defibrillators to the communities at the reduced price. So far we been able to place 104 defibrillators in the community in Devon and Cornwall and have trained 4524 people to perform CPR.

St Maurice Primary School also have a defibrillator on their school premises that are for public access so everyone in the community can use it.

Defibrillators are vital lifesaving machines that can save a person’s life if used in time. The survival rate of a person if defibrillator is used within 3-5 minutes goes up from 6% to 74%.