Charity of the Year

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Make HeartSWell South West your charity of the year!

Engage your staff in the hugely motivating cause that supports the local community. HeartSWell South West is a local charity, whose aim are to make a positive difference to people in the South West affected by heart disease and people closest to them.

We can work together to produce exciting fundraising ideas across all levels of your organisation. It will show your employees, customers and potential customers that your company is committed to the issues of local community, it will help raise profile of the organisation, give local exposure, it will encourage team building, and boost staff morale.

We can offer you our expertise and help you to organise various fundraising activities.

If you would like to consider us as your charity of the year and would like more information about the work that we do please contact us via email: or call us: 01752315929.


Thank you for nominating us as your Charity of the Year


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