Because of HeartSWell South West:

  • There are fewer deaths from cardiac disease in the South West
  • Those living with cardiac disease in the South West have a higher quality of life
  • There is an increase in the number of people receiving treatment within their communities and a subsequent decrease in demand for hospital services

 How we spend your money

HeartSWell needs around £150,000 each year to deliver its activities.  A donation towards our work today will go towards one of the following items of activities:

  • £56,000 will pay for a full time Arrhythmia Care Co-ordinator to support 1,250 cardiac patients each year
  • £100 will fund a group counselling session
  • £35 will pay for a one to one counselling session for someone experiencing the trauma associated with a life changing cardiac event
  • £1,500 will pay for a community access defibrillator and training for community members in first aid
  • £90,000 for a 3D scanner
  • £9,000 an autopulse machine
  • £246 for a hand held ECG machine
  • £1,900 ECG machine
  • £1,700 5 day loop heart monitor, to assist with accurate diagnosis of heart conditions

We also spend money on one off research projects.

Last year, we raised £147,000 and spent £202,000.

How to support us

You can currently donate via Justgiving or  Paypal or you can send a text to HSWE11 and enter the amount ie. £1£5 or £10 to 70070.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer we can reclaim Gift Aid on your donations – that’s 25p extra on every £1 you give.

In order for us to be able to Gift Aid your donation, you need to sign a Gift Aid declaration form.  We can either send you a form, please email us at or you can download the form here 

Sponsorship forms can be downloaded here